North Carolina Wage & Hour Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (NCWHA) require employers to pay their workers no less than minimum wage. Employers are to pay their employees overtime for all hours worked over 40 hours. North Carolina state wage laws hold North Carolina employers to similar minimum standards of fair […]

Are Computer Employees Entitled to Overtime Wages in North Carolina?

Information technology and computer professionals are increasingly common in our technology-driven society. As North Carolina’s economy becomes more dependent on computer and IT professionals, more employers are taking advantage of various state and federal laws exempting certain computer employees from overtime compensation. Computer Employees Exemption Many computer and information technology employees in North Carolina do […]

Employers, Employees, or Independent Contractors – Which Are You?

The North Carolina Wage and Hour Act was enacted at the same time as the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Both laws address employee and employer rights and responsibilities regarding wages and paychecks. An employee is entitled to minimum wage and overtime at a rate of one and a half times the employee’s regular rate. […]