Nonpayment of Overtime to Mortgage Loan Officers

Employers are required to pay their employees overtime for any hours worked over 40 each week. North Carolina and Federal law allow for exemptions from the rules for certain employees. Many companies wrongfully attempt to take advantage of these exemptions to avoid paying employees overtime. Mortgage loan officers are oftentimes mislabeled as exempt from the […]

Nonpayment of Overtime Wages to Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are often denied overtime compensation. Pharmaceutical companies attempt to take advantage of pharmaceutical sales representatives by telling them they are exempt from overtime pay pursuant to the outside sales exemption of the Fair Labor Standards Act or North Carolina Wage and Hour Act. For an employee to be denied overtime based on […]

Are Managers Entitled to Overtime Pay — Raleigh Wage and Hour Lawyer

North Carolina and Federal law mandates that employers pay their workers at least minimum wage with the payment of overtime for hours worked over 40 per week. There are certain exceptions to this rule for those in Executive and Administrative positions, including exceptions for employees who have management as their primary duty. However, simply having […]

Installation, Repairs, and Service Technician Overtime Rights

Installation, service, and repair technicians work long hours providing services often with little sympathy from a homeowner regarding the wide time ranges given for arrival times for the installers.  Typically, companies providing services overbook these installation service and repair workers and the employee is faced with the difficult task of not completing an installation or […]