Laws Protecting Consumers from Scams

The laws protecting consumers have never been more important than in this past year. Many people are facing financial turmoil and are behind on numerous payments. That means the door for debt collectors to prey on consumers. Creditors and debt collectors are stepping up their efforts to collect on what they say is owed. Unfortunately, […]

Injury from North Carolina Collection Agency Creditors

Many individuals have faced the wrath of constant phone calls from a collection agency for a debt.  Because the due diligence that collection agencies perform is extremely limited, frequently collection agencies will contact debtors claiming an amount owed that is incorrect. Sometimes the amount isn’t even owed at all.  For some individuals, dealing with inappropriate […]

Threats and Coercion by North Carolina Collection Agency

North Carolina law prohibits a collection agency from using threats and coercion to attempt collect debt. If a collection agency does use such threats and coercion, the debtor may file a civil lawsuit to pursue actual damages, such as emotional pain and suffering, as well as, a statutory penalty of anywhere between $500.00 to $4,000.00 […]