North Carolina Domestic Violence Protection Order/Restraining Order Update

In North Carolina “domestic violence” has a specific definition and only certain acts are prohibited. You must have a “personal relationship” to be charged with domestic violence. What constitutes a “personal relationship” is defined by statute and is very specific. To find out whether you have a domestic violence case as defined by North Carolina […]

Basics of Equitable Distribution — Apex Family Law Divorce Attorney

At its most basic, equitable distribution is the court’s process for dividing property in a divorce. It is used when spouses are unable to divide their property themselves. The trial court has a lot of discretion in deciding on distribution matters, which can lead to troublesome results.  To discuss the issues involved in dividing up […]

Consequences of Separation of Spouses — Raleigh Domestic Family Attorney

After separation, many family law rights should be immediately asserted or else they may be lost or waived forever. Without a separation agreement or property settlement agreement, various rights and obligations may be unclear to the husband and wife, as well as to third parties. Occasionally, even with a separation agreement or property settlement agreement, […]

Cary Post Separation Support Family Lawyer — Wake County Alimony Attorney

Post-separation support is spousal support paid by the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse until the earlier of either the date specified in the order of post-separation support or an order awarding or denying alimony. It exists to provide temporary assistance prior to a determination of alimony, which may not come for some time given […]

Cary Domestic Violence Attorney — North Carolina Chapter 50B Family Law Lawyer

Before Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes was enacted, the only remedies for domestic violence victims were through criminal statutes. There was growing concern that these criminal laws did not provide adequate protection for victims. Chapter 50B, entitled “Domestic Violence” created strong civil penalties to parties charged with domestic violence.  The statute prohibits, […]

Wake County Child Support Attorney – Raleigh Family Law Lawyer

Child support disputes are some of the most common issues in family law cases, regardless of whether the parents are going through divorce or never married. Child support payments in North Carolina are based upon custody categories and an income-sharing method derived from the gross income of both parents. Child support actions may be joined […]