Release of All Claims and Covenant Not to Enforce Judgment

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The standard automobile insurance policy in North Carolina contains many different kinds of insurance coverage.  Among those are liability coverage and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.  These insurance coverages provide different kinds of protection when someone is injured in an automobile accident.  Liability coverage protects you in the event that you cause a collision injuring another […]

North Carolina Automobile Accident Medical Liens

Do you need an attorney who can handle, explain, and negotiate medical liens in personal injury cases? For many automobile accident cases, the “anchor” of the damages is the plaintiff’s medical bills. That is, your settlement is frequently impacted significantly by the amount of your medical bills. One of the first questions our attorneys field from our […]

Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys | Wake County Accident Lawyers

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Whether it’s being rear-ended by a drunk driver or slipping and falling because a grocery store failed to clean up a spill, you can’t always avoid the negligence of others. When you sustain serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to hold that person […]

North Carolina Civil Conversion Claim Attorney

North Carolina law provides a number of civil claims that entitle a plaintiff to sue a party that has acted wrongfully. Among the more common and understandable claims is conversion, which is essentially a civil claim for theft or stealing. The North Carolina Supreme Court in the recent case Variety Wholesalers, Inc. v. Salem Logistics […]

Governmental Immunity in North Carolina

North Carolina is a difficult state in which to file a negligence lawsuit. Aside from the harsh contributory negligence rule, there are a host of other provisions which tend to treat the victim as the bad guy. Among those rules is the sovereign immunity doctrine. This tenet of the common law was created centuries ago […]

North Carolina’s Attractive Nuisance Doctrine | Liability for Injuries Off-Premises

Premises liability is the area of law that permits recovery of money damages when one is injured by an unsafe condition on another person’s property. An interesting aspect of premises liability law is the “attractive nuisance doctrine.” This principle holds that a property owner can be held liable for an injury to trespassing child if […]

Raleigh Federal Court Litigation Attorneys

Within North Carolina there are two court systems – federal and state. North Carolina state courts are “courts of general jurisdiction” whereas the federal courts only have jurisdiction over certain kinds of disputes. Whether you are considering filing suit in federal court, or have received a summons to respond to a complaint, the Raleigh federal […]

Mandatory Mediation in North Carolina Superior Court Cases

The North Carolina trial courts are separated into two divisions, District Court and Superior Court. Before filing any civil lawsuit, Plaintiff’s counsel must decide the better division in which to litigate his or her client’s case. State statutes provide that District Court is the proper division for matters where the damages are less than $10,000, […]

Personal Injury Compensation for Injured Passengers of Drunk Driver

Automobile accidents involving drunk drivers frequently occur at high speeds and cause life altering injuries. For occupants of vehicles struck by the negligent drunk driver, recovering personal injury compensation may not be so difficult. In most cases, they will not have to overcome North Carolina’s harsh contributory negligence rule. However, for passengers of the drunk […]

Raleigh Commercial Eviction Attorney | Summary Ejectment Lawyer

Investing in commercial real estate is a major financial risk, and when tenants fail to pay rent, it can be critical to remove them from the property as quickly as possible. For a variety of reasons, self-help is typically not recommended. Commercial landlords should rely on the North Carolina summary ejectment procedure. The Raleigh civil […]