Raleigh Fractured Clavicle Attorney and Broken Collarbone Lawyer

Serious automobile collisions and falls can cause a variety of injuries, some more severe than others.  Fractured clavicles are not uncommon in high speed crashes.  Depending upon the nature of the fracture, you may need surgical repair.  A broken collarbone is very painful and is usually physically disabling.  It is not uncommon to completely lose […]

Unauthorized Practice of Law by a Corporation, LLC, or S-Corp

business law and litigation between two people at a desk

When a corporation, LLC, or S-Corp is involved in a lawsuit, can an agent appear in court on the corporation’s behalf? The answer in North Carolina is no. North Carolina General Statute § 84-5 provides that a corporation cannot practice law in North Carolina. Although agents may negotiate with parties on behalf of the corporation, […]

Negotiation and Indorsement of a Mortgage Note

community of houses representing a home owners association

Most homeowners are aware that there is a foreclosure crisis in the United States, but they may not understand precisely why there is a crisis. The crisis is caused, at least in part, by the sloppy record keeping of the banks. Mortgagors/home owners nowadays are finding that they are being brought into expedited power of […]

North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA)

The North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA) prohibits an employer discriminating or retaliating against an employee because he or she files or threatens a workers’ compensation claim. While there are procedural steps that must be strictly adhered to, if the employee is able to prove his or her case before a jury, the damages […]

Recovering Indemnity Under North Carolina Law

If you own businesses – whether small, medium, or large – indemnity and contribution are important facets of North Carolina law which you should understand. These theories entitle a defendant in a civil law suit to reimbursement for part or all of any damages paid to the Plaintiff. Such reimbursement can be recovered from co-defendants […]