Overview of North Carolina Franchise Law

There are significant benefits to operating a franchise. Franchisors use other people’s money to expand the business. Franchise fees and ongoing royalties allow franchisors to grow without sacrificing control. The influx of capital funds marketing, improves quality of goods and services, and builds the brand. Franchisees benefit by having an established business model to follow, with […]

Raleigh Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation, Trade Secret Business Litigation

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Business clients often come to the firm seeking to enforce non-compete provisions or non-solicitation provisions located in employment contracts or employee handbooks.  However, many of our small business clients are unaware of the implications associated with an ex-employee bringing proprietary trade secrets to a competitor after leaving the company. Businesses who have hired an employee […]

Raleigh Hotel and Restaurant Hospitality Attorney

As is the case in most industries, the more a hotel or restaurant grows, the more likely its owners are to need an attorney.  For many businesses, including hotels and restaurants, it makes sense to have an attorney assist with the start-up of the new company.  This allows your attorney to know your business from […]

Raleigh Business Litigation Attorneys

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Whether you are the sole member of a small limited liability company or the president of an international corporation, the chances are that you will eventually need the assistance of a seasoned business litigation attorney. The Raleigh business litigation law firm of Maginnis Howard represents dozens of local, national, and international business, including companies involved […]