North Carolina Minimum and Unpaid Wage Law Stays Stagnant

A wave of minimum wage raises has swept the country this year, with more than 20 states creating historic changes in labor laws. States that embraced the change guaranteed workers an increase anywhere between $.22 and $1.50 an hour. North Carolina, however, is among the many states that failed to participate in this change. Those […]

North Carolina Wage & Hour Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (NCWHA) require employers to pay their workers no less than minimum wage. Employers are to pay their employees overtime for all hours worked over 40 hours. North Carolina state wage laws hold North Carolina employers to similar minimum standards of fair […]

Unpaid Vacation Time

North Carolina vacation pay laws do not require an employer to provide you with either paid or unpaid vacation time. However, if an employer does have an established policy to provide paid vacation, then that employer has certain responsibilities on how to execute that policy. Some employers combine vacation and sick leave plans into a […]