The Severity of Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions

A CMV collision is one that involves a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), such as a bus or semi-truck. When a commercial motor vehicle strikes a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the passenger vehicle may suffer severe injuries. This is because CMVs can be much larger and heavier than smaller vehicles, which can lead to slower […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries from Automobile Collisions

One of the most common injuries suffered in North Carolina car collisions is TBI, or traumatic brain injury. TBI does not describe just one injury, but a category of injury that encompasses several specific types of damages to the brain. Trauma to the brain can occur during an automobile accident when the skull strikes an […]

Damages Recoverable After Tractor Trailer Collision

Tractor trailer collisions tend to involve serious to catastrophic injuries, and lead to long-lasting and complex medical issues. However, victims in these cases can sue for a host of damages. Damages Recoverable North Carolina law allows victims of tractor trailer collisions several elements of monetary damages. Included in those are compensation for: Past and future […]

Trucking Company Responsibilities

Tractor-trailers, also known as 18-wheelers are some of the largest vehicles on North Carolina roadways. These vehicles are very large, and due to their size and weight, are not able to stop as quickly as your typical car or truck can. Trucking Company Rules & Regulations When a trucking company puts a truck driver on […]

Leading Causes of Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Tractor-trailers, also known as 18-wheelers, are some of the largest vehicles on North Carolina roadways. These vehicles are very large, and due to their size and weight, are not able to stop as quickly as your typical car or truck can. Let’s take a look at some of the behaviors that contribute to tractor-trailer collisions. […]

Tractor-Trailer Blind Spots

A “blind spot” is any area around a car or truck that the driver can’t see directly while they’re at the wheel. These exist in a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, and trucks. Certain types of vehicles have little to no blind spots at all, such as motorcycles. Commercial truck blind spots […]

North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Collisions

tractor trailer truck on the road

Tractor trailer trucks carry vital resources across the country every day. They carry with them the things that keep our lives running and without them, we’d be far less connected. However, these trucks pose a greater safety risk than regular passenger cars. Trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds– that is 16 times the weight […]

Tractor-Trailer Following Distance

tractor trailer truck on the road

A rear-end accident involving a fully loaded North Carolina tractor-trailer and a smaller passenger vehicle can lead to catastrophic injuries. A rear-end truck accident typically involves a significant transfer of energy from the truck to the smaller vehicle. Experienced professional truckers should know that they need more distance to stop than does a driver of […]

Representation for Trucking Company Negligence

Large truck accidents account for some of the worst – and most fatal – vehicle collisions on North Carolina roadways. The sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers make it hard for them to stop as fast as other vehicles, which can lead to them being some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Therefore, […]

Representation for North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Related Collisions

How many times in your life have you seen an accident that involves a tractor-trailer? Too many times to remember, right? With estimates of 2,752,043 tractor-trailers on the road the odds are that at least some of these tractor-trailers will be operated by a trucker who will not act responsibly and will negligently cause a […]