Nationstar Hits Thousands with Unauthorized Withdrawals

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Mortgage servicing giant Nationstar (which also operates under the name Mr. Cooper) made multiple unauthorized withdrawals from customer accounts on the night of April 24th, 2021. The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office said that the glitch impacted more than 14,000 North Carolina residents. For some customers, temporary courtesy credits were visible later that same day. […]

North Carolina Consumer Fraud Attorneys

It is not uncommon for banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions to violate the law. These laws may concern lending, sales, or other business practices. As a result, consumer fraud protection laws were established to protect consumers and businesses from fraud, unfair and deceptive practices that create an unfair advantage. Under state and federal […]

Investigating GEM Management, LLC

GEM Management, LLC is a property management company that operates throughout North Carolina. Our firm is currently investigating GEM Management’s property management practices related to the assessment and collection of eviction-related fees from tenants following the filing of a complaint for summary ejectment. It is our understanding that GEM Management regularly charged and collected filing […]