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construction site with two men standing

With construction of new homes on the rise in the areas surrounding Raleigh like Wake Forest, Morrisville, and Apex (as well as surrounding counties like Johnston, Franklin, Granville, Chatham and Lee Counties) along with continued refurbishment to older homes (for example in the ITB section of Raleigh), it is important for North Carolina homeowners to […]

Construction Site Accidents and the Completed and Accepted Doctrine

Most responsible contractors work hard to make construction sites safe, but there are also those contractors that are more worried about the bottom line than safety. The negligence of these few subcontractors can leave employees and passersby at risk for serious injury. North Carolina continues to follow the “completed and accepted work doctrine” that, for […]

Raleigh Construction Accident Injury Attorneys

Construction sites are dangerous places. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are approximately 150,000 instances of a construction accident injury each year. In some circumstances, the injured party is a passer-by, but, more often than not, he or she is an employee of a contractor. We recently represented the estate of an individual […]

Subrogation Lawsuits by Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

Homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for a wide range of “occurrences,” including: fires, collapsing roofs, water damage from burst pipes, and other incidents which require thousands of dollars to remediate. If the homeowner’s insurance company believes it has paid on a claim where the occurrence was caused by the negligence of a contractor, it will […]

Delays in Construction Contracts

In North Carolina residential and commercial construction contracts, it is extremely common for there to be frustration stemming from delays in the performance under the contract. In construction litigation, “time is money” is a true statement, and parties can be held responsible if they have caused delays resulting in monetary loss to the owner, contractor, […]

Problems with Construction Liens in Oral Agreements

Another reason for contractors to have express written contracts in their agreements with homeowners, businesses, general contractors, and subcontractors: Although you still may be able to recover for the work performed, there is a risk of losing the contractor’s most important protection: their lien rights.  Contact the construction litigation lawyers at Maginnis Law, PLLC at […]