Investigating Equity Experts

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Equity Experts is a Michigan-based collection agency that collects upon outstanding homeowner’s association (HOA) debts across the county. The business, though over 14 years old, has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an “F” grade on the site. This score resulted from numerous unresolved claims of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act […]

Errors on a Background Check

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Background checks are one of many ways employers identify eligible applicants. Especially in large companies, researching every individual who applies is a costly and time-consuming process. In the last decade, dozens of background check companies have popped up across the world. These companies bear a great deal of responsibility, because mistakes on a background check […]

Foot & Ankle Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents

anatomical drawing of foot and ankle

Even in the mildest of car accidents, it’s likely one or more people involved will sustain injuries. These injuries can impact the day-to-day living for victims and their families long after the initial impact. Injuries to the lower extremities (including foot and ankle injuries) are the second most common class of injuries in motor vehicle […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge Violation

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Bankruptcy may be viewed negatively by creditors, but to the individuals and businesses who need a fresh start, it’s a life-changing tool for financial freedom. Chapter 7 is the most common form among individuals because of its speed and accessibility. Unfortunately, many people who file don’t know or cannot advocate for their rights against collectors […]

Bell Partners et al. $4.75 Million Settlement for Unlawful Eviction Fees

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In August 2021, a federal court judge in the Middle District of North Carolina approved a class action settlement against Bell Partners, LSREF3 Bravo LLC, and Hudson Capital Weston LLC. Attorneys Ed Maginnis and Karl S. Gwaltney represented the plaintiffs alongside Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman. Our attorneys obtained $4.75 million for tenants who alleged […]

Super Lawyer & Super Lawyers Rising Stars (2022)

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Maginnis Howard is proud to announce that five of our attorneys made the list of Super Lawyers or Super Lawyer Rising Stars for 2022! Our lead personal injury attorney, T. Shawn Howard claimed the title for the second consecutive year. He earned the Rising Star award every year from 2016 until 2020. Ed Maginnis, our […]

Camden Property Settlement for $5 Million

This week attorneys Ed Maginnis and Karl Gwaltney alongside co-counsel from Whitfield Bryson finalized a $5 million settlement related to eviction fees. The class action against Camden Property Trust alleged the company collected illegal eviction fees from hundreds of tenants. In 2016, Camden filed to evict our client and, in connection with that filing, charged eviction fees totaling nearly $200. […]

Shareholder Voting Agreements in North Carolina

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Our firm often deals with lawsuits over old shareholder agreements that were drafted (at great expense) 15+ years ago by some other firm that no longer exists and where issues have arisen that none of the shareholders contemplated when the agreement was first signed. We often tell clients that in our experience of dealing with these […]

Nonpayment of Overtime to Mortgage Loan Officers

Employers are required to pay their employees overtime for any hours worked over 40 each week. North Carolina and Federal law allow for exemptions from the rules for certain employees. Many companies wrongfully attempt to take advantage of these exemptions to avoid paying employees overtime. Mortgage loan officers are oftentimes mislabeled as exempt from the […]

Raleigh Crane Accident Attorneys | North Carolina Crane Injury Lawyer

As most people know, construction sites and factories are dangerous places to work – particularly when the proper safety precautions are not taken.  One of the worst dangers present at many construction projects and factories are large cranes.  These cranes pose a variety of injury risks.  Examples of the ways a crane can cause serious, […]