Individual Liability for Owners of a North Carolina Corporation

One reason corporate structures were created was to protect individual business owners and related entities from personal liability. Unfortunately, some parties  take advantage of the corporate structure by acting improperly or in breach of contract, believing there will be no personal recourse.  This creates problems for individuals victimized by these companies and, just as importantly, […]

Unauthorized Practice of Law by a Corporation, LLC, or S-Corp

business law and litigation between two people at a desk

When a corporation, LLC, or S-Corp is involved in a lawsuit, can an agent appear in court on the corporation’s behalf? The answer in North Carolina is no. North Carolina General Statute § 84-5 provides that a corporation cannot practice law in North Carolina. Although agents may negotiate with parties on behalf of the corporation, […]

North Carolina Wage Claims for Employee Unpaid Vacation Time

States vary as to whether or not vacation pay or sick leave pay must be paid to employees when their period of employment ends with a company.  Although North Carolina does not require employers to provide paid time off, if the employer does promise vacation pay or vacation time off with pay, then the employer […]

False Claims Act Attorney | Federal Civil Litigation Defense Lawyer

The False Claims Act (31 USC 3729, et seq) is an important federal law that creates civil liability for those that defraud the government.  A company or individual that submits a false claim for payment to the government can become subject to liability of up to three (3) times any actual damages.  Civil penalties of […]

North Carolina Joint and Several Liability

An important facet of North Carolina tort law is “joint and several liability.” This rule entitles a Plaintiff to recover all of his or her damages from any one Defendant, even if there are additional Defendants who are also found liable for a single injury to the Plaintiff. Under Chapter 1B of the North Carolina […]