Increase in Fatal Crashes in NC

With less drivers on the road, it seems as if the number of fatal crashes or crashes in general would be less, right? Well, not quite. North Carolina did see a 19% decrease in miles traveled in 2020, but a 8% increase in fatal crashes. Increase in Fatal Crashes According to the North Carolina Department […]

Fractures from Automobile Collisions

Fractures are common injuries in an automobile collision. Even when a broken bone doesn’t require extensive surgical intervention to heal properly, it can still limit the person’s ability to work. How Fractures Occur During Car Accident Speed is a major factor in automobile collisions and can contribute to the severity of injuries that people suffer. […]

Damages Available After an Automobile Collision

People who have been injured in an automobile collision know that the bills can pile up quick. Hospital visits, medications, and surgeries are just some of the costs that automobile collision victims have to face. However, victims of negligent drivers may pursue several types of compensation. Medical Damages No one can plan for the costs […]

Personal Injury Damages for Pedestrians Struck By Automobiles

Personal injuries suffered by pedestrians struck by moving automobiles are often catastrophic in nature. Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to prove the liability of a car driver for a personal injury caused to someone walking across the street than it is in accidents involving two automobiles. However, with the help of a knowledgeable personal […]