Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) FAQs

The Fair Credit Reporting Act exists to ensure that you receive fair and accurate consumer reporting and that your privacy as a consumer is protected. Companies who fail to comply with FCRA’s requirements can face actual damages, statutory damages and, in some cases, punitive damages.  What Does The Fair Credit Reporting Act Do? The Fair […]

REMINDER: Three Free Weekly Credit Reports Through April

Staying on top of your credit report is of vast importance. This gives consumers the opportunity to check their report more often than normal. During the pandemic, the top three national credit reporting agencies are offering free weekly credit reports through April. All consumers are eligible to get free weekly credit reports from these agencies: […]

Collection Calls After a Bankruptcy Discharge

Filing a Chapter 7 petition for bankruptcy can be a difficult experience. However, there remains a huge benefit for you that offsets the frustration, embarrassment, and emotional strain of bankruptcy called a “discharge”. Also known as a “fresh start”, bankruptcy discharge means creditors can no longer harass you with collection letters, phone calls, credit reports, […]