$1.3 Million Settlement for Drunk Driving Crash

Attorneys Shawn Howard and Karl Gwaltney obtained a $1.3 million settlement for the family of a Charlotte man killed by a drunk driver. The bulk of the settlement came from the bar that served the drunk driver, who also died in the crash. The victim was transporting his elderly mother from Michigan when the crash […]

North Carolina Dram Shop Liability Claims

North Carolina Dram Shop liability law prohibits bars, restaurants, ABC stores and other establishments from serving alcohol to certain customers. Juries can hold these businesses liable for damages when their actions result in drunk driving accidents. Similarly, people who serve alcohol at gatherings or parties in their homes could be liable when their guests drive […]

$2.9M Settlement for Family in Wrongful Death Suit Against Drunk Driver

Maginnis Howard is a high stakes North Carolina personal injury and wrongful death litigation firm. Our lawyers handle cases involving catastrophic bodily injuries and the deaths of loved family members due to the negligence or intentional acts of third-parties. A recent case provides an example of our diligence in pursuing justice for our clients. Since […]