Data Breach Class Action Settlements

Data breaches have become increasingly common over the past several years. With data breaches becoming more common, data breach class action settlements have also become even more common. Major Data Breach Class Action Settlements Last year, Yahoo! reached $117.5M settlement to resolve the claims of approximately 194 million class members following a major data breach […]

Data Breach Attorneys

Data breaches have become increasingly common over the past several years. In addition to consumers, these breaches can put a considerable burden on banks and credit card companies, which must respond to a flood of fraud claims and canceled cards. However, many data breach victims receive compensation for damages through multimillion-dollar settlements.  Major Data Breach […]

Data Breach Class Action Attorneys

When a company fails to exercise reasonable care in protecting consumer information, affected customers may be able to unite against the company. Data breach class action lawsuits can net plaintiffs millions of dollars in damages, which is only fair given how devastating a breach can be to a person’s finances, privacy, reputation, and credit score. […]

What Exactly is a Data Breach?

Do you know how many different companies have your name and other personal information stored in their digital database? You trust those companies to keep your personal details secure because they make up your identity. When companies or organizations fail to keep their records safe, a dangerous data breach could expose you to the threat […]