Bank of America agrees to settle class action over excessive fees

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Bank of America Corp has agreed to a $75 million preliminary settlement for charging multiple overdraft fees on transactions for checking and savings accounts. What is an overdraft fee? When a customer attempts a purchase with insufficient funds, many banks charge users an overdraft fee for the failed transaction. The practice is highly profitable for […]

Data Breach Class Action Settlements

Data breaches have become increasingly common over the past several years. With data breaches becoming more common, data breach class action settlements have also become even more common. Major Data Breach Class Action Settlements Last year, Yahoo! reached $117.5M settlement to resolve the claims of approximately 194 million class members following a major data breach […]

Consumer Class Action Certified

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Edward H. Maginnis and Karl S. Gwaltney had a consumer class action case certified on November 12, 2020 after nearly three years of litigation. Forsyth Superior Court Judge Eric C. Morgan signed the approval order this week. The consumer class action complaint, filed in 2018, alleged that Defendants Arcan Capital LLC charged unlawful eviction fees. […]

Class Action Settlement Process

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A class action settlement impacts not only the interests of the parties that negotiate the settlement, but also a much larger number of absent class members. It is very important that the named parties take the steps to make sure the court approves a fair settlement. Class Action Settlement Step One: With class actions settlements, […]

Data Breach Class Action Attorneys

When a company fails to exercise reasonable care in protecting consumer information, affected customers may be able to unite against the company. Data breach class action lawsuits can net plaintiffs millions of dollars in damages, which is only fair given how devastating a breach can be to a person’s finances, privacy, reputation, and credit score. […]

Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending Class Action Lawyers

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Mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and banks are required to act honestly and ethically in both advising consumers on the terms of a loan and in servicing mortgage loans. In reality, mortgage servicing companies violate federal and state laws by misrepresenting the terms of loan, assessing unlawful fees, or defrauding consumers in other ways. […]