Can Groups of Employees Pursue Unpaid Wages Claims Together?

It often does not make sense for an individual employee to pursue an unpaid salary or unpaid wages case against their employer or ex-employer because the amount that could be recovered is relatively small; perhaps too small to pay an attorney.  However, Federal laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act allow groups of employees […]

Raleigh Retaliatory Termination Lawyers

North Carolina is an employment “at-will” state. Employment at will provides that employment can be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason, absent a contractual agreement.  If you are an employee or employer, it must be emphasized that there are multiple exceptions to this general rule. If you are an employee that […]

Overtime Laws for Salaried Employees

If you are an hourly worker, you probably understand that you are supposed to receive time and a half when you work in excess of forty hours per week. However, you may think that salary based employees are exempt from these requirements. Many businesses uphold they pay salaried employees to complete their job in however much time is necessary. In […]