Release of All Claims and Covenant Not to Enforce Judgment

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The standard automobile insurance policy in North Carolina contains many different kinds of insurance coverage.  Among those are liability coverage and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.  These insurance coverages provide different kinds of protection when someone is injured in an automobile accident.  Liability coverage protects you in the event that you cause a collision injuring another […]

Raleigh Fractured Clavicle Attorney and Broken Collarbone Lawyer

Serious automobile collisions and falls can cause a variety of injuries, some more severe than others.  Fractured clavicles are not uncommon in high speed crashes.  Depending upon the nature of the fracture, you may need surgical repair.  A broken collarbone is very painful and is usually physically disabling.  It is not uncommon to completely lose […]

Raleigh Stairway Fall Attorney

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Slip and falls are among the more common varieties of personal injury cases. Although many of these accidents lead to relatively minor injuries such as sprained knees and ankles, others can cause serious problems including torn ligaments and herniated discs. The falls may be due to any number of defective conditions. Inadequate lighting is one […]

Raleigh Bus Accident Attorneys | Durham Municipal Bus Lawyer

Even passengers of large motor vehicles such as municipal buses can sustain serious personal injury. If you have been hurt as a result of a negligent bus driver or an operator of another automobile, contact the Raleigh bus accident attorneys of Maginnis Howard. Our dedicated civil litigation lawyers will work to recover the full compensation […]

Attorney Fees in North Carolina Business Contracts

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North Carolina has traditionally limited recovery of attorney fees in business contracts to certain limited circumstances, even if the contract allowed for the recovery of attorney fees in the event of a dispute or litigation between the parties. However, North Carolina has issued a new law which allows for the recovery of reasonable attorney fees […]

Obtaining Relief from Default Judgments under North Carolina Law

The North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure require a defendant in a civil lawsuit to file an answer or other responsive pleading, such as a motion to dismiss, within thirty days after service of a complaint and summons. If you do not timely respond, or otherwise contact plaintiff’s counsel, the plaintiff may move for entry of […]

Subcontractor Recovery Against Surety on Payment Bond

Subcontractors on public projects and some private projects may be able to look past the general contractor, first tier sub-contractor, or even the developer who fails to make required payments under their construction contract.  When the general contractor claims to not have the assets to make these payments, subcontractors can look to the party with […]

Problems with Construction Liens in Oral Agreements

Another reason for contractors to have express written contracts in their agreements with homeowners, businesses, general contractors, and subcontractors: Although you still may be able to recover for the work performed, there is a risk of losing the contractor’s most important protection: their lien rights.  Contact the construction litigation lawyers at Maginnis Law, PLLC at […]