$2,000,000 Jury Verdict in Fraud/Trade Secret Business Litigation

In 2018, after a four day jury trial, Ed Maginnis and Shawn Howard won a unanimous jury verdict in federal court recovering $2,000,000.00 for a business client who lost much of the value of its company after fraudulent misrepresentations, misappropriation of trade secrets, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage and theft of computer data. The […]

Debt Defense – Dismissal on Claim for Over $500,000.00

In 2013-2014, Edward Maginnis represented a Raleigh couple who had been sued by a national bank for over $500,000.00.  After engaging in significant discovery and obtaining discovery sanctions against the bank, the bank elected to dismiss the matter without compensation.

Construction Litigation/Breach of Contract – Lawsuit Dismissed

In 2012, Edward Maginnis represented a Raleigh plumbing contractor sued for $282,485.43 relating to unpaid materials purchased on a credit account. After Maginnis Law filed and litigated a Counterclaim alleging improper pricing methods by the suppler, the matter settled for a mutual dismissal.

Minority Shareholder Protection – $250,000.00 Settlement

In 2012, Edward Maginnis and Shawn Howard represented a Greenville man who had been wrongfully ousted from a small business he helped start.  The matter was litigated in the North Carolina Business Court, and the settlement obtained after several of Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss were denied.

Breach of Non-Compete Following Sale of Company – $113,563.00 Verdict

In 2013, Edward Maginnis obtained a verdict at trial for breach of non-compete contract, tortious interference, and unfair and deceptive trade practices for a Zebulon HVAC Company.  The Court also awarded attorneys’ fees.  The verdict was over 8 times higher than the best settlement offer made by Defendants.

Breach of Contract/Non-Compete Provision – Jury Verdict

In 2010, Edward Maginnis represented a national media company sued by two ex-employees/owners in Guilford County for several claims, including wage and hour claims.  Plaintiffs had asked for $75,000.00 at trial and their lowest settlement offer was $50,000.00.  After a 3 day trial, the jury returned a verdict that found Plaintiffs were not entitled to any […]

Breach of Contract – Pre-Trial Resolution

In 2013, Edward Maginnis represented a Morrisville, North Carolina furniture company sued by a hotel franchisee in Indiana federal court on a breach of contract case for over $270,000.00.  The week before trial, the case settled for a mere $15,000.00.