North Carolina Consumer Protection Law Firm

Maginnis Howard is a Raleigh-based consumer protection law firm that represents those wrongfully contacted by debt collectors or collection agencies. If you are being treated unfairly by a debt collector or a collection agency, contact the consumer advocate attorneys at Maginnis Law to determine if you have a claim under North Carolina unfair debt collection […]

Injury from North Carolina Collection Agency Creditors

Many individuals have faced the wrath of constant phone calls from a collection agency for a debt.  Because the due diligence that collection agencies perform is extremely limited, frequently collection agencies will contact debtors claiming an amount owed that is incorrect. Sometimes the amount isn’t even owed at all.  For some individuals, dealing with inappropriate […]

Harassing Text Messages, Phone Calls, Emails, or Faxes – North Carolina Telemarketing Consumer Protection Lawyer

Everyone has experienced unwanted phone calls, harassing text messages, phone calls, or e-mails from companies marketing goods and services. Not only is this conduct harassing , but also potentially illegal, warranting money damages for the consumer. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) is federal legislation designed to counteract the aggressive actions of telemarketers […]