Types of North Carolina Automobile Insurance Policies

By statute, most North Carolina automobile insurance policies in North Carolina are relatively standardized.  N.C.G.S. § 20-279.21 provides the minimum types and amounts of coverage that must be offered and/or provided.  Other coverages, such as medical payments coverage, and additional amounts of coverage are optional.  When a car, truck, or motorcycle collision causes injuries, there […]

Attorneys Representing Hit and Run Victims

Most people find that the automobile accident claims process is quite frustrating.  From negotiating with unsympathetic insurance adjusters to dealing with aggressive bill collectors, it is not a pleasant experience.  It can be even more frustrating when you cannot determine the identity of the party that caused the collision. In so-called “hit and run” cases, […]

North Carolina Car Accident Undisplaced Fractures

Automobile collisions cause a variety of orthopedic injuries. Many are a result of the whiplash action of a motorist’s spine, while others are caused by blunt force trauma to the back, neck, or limbs. Undisplaced fractures fall in this latter category in that they are usually caused by a motorist’s body striking the interior of […]

No Health Insurance Car Accident Personal Injury Compensation

If you have no health insurance, more and more car accident victims are being held personally liable for resulting doctors’ bills. Many claimants are being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils: a quick but low settlement or a larger settlement which takes longer to recover.  The problem with the latter option is that […]

North Carolina Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Attorney

Shoulder and upper limb injuries are a common result of high speed car accidents.  One specific painful and debilitating injury is “thoracic outlet syndrome.”  This condition is caused by compression on the nerves, arteries, or veins coming from your shoulder and typically manifests through pain in the arms and hands.  Sometimes the pain only affects […]

Recovery of Punitive Damages in Raleigh Car Accident

In the vast majority of lawsuits based upon a North Carolina car accident, the negligent driver will not be liable for punitive damages.  North Carolina’s standard for recovery of punitive damages is extremely high; the defendant to the litigation must have acted in a wilful or wanton manner.  Proving such conduct is difficult and can […]

Recovering Car Accident Medical Costs After House Bill 542

picture of an all white surgical room with a table and lamp

Recovery of medical costs following an automobile accident in North Carolina changed dramatically this summer with the passage of North Carolina House Bill 542. Medical treatment following a North Carolina car accident often includes an initial emergency room visit and countless appointments with specialists and physical therapists. The costs associated with this treatment can become […]

Apex Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney

A car accident can have a devastating impact upon you and your family.   Even if you have health insurance, the co-pays, lost income, and pain and suffering can cause great disruption to your life.  If your car accident occurred in or around Apex, North Carolina, the attorneys of Maginnis Law, PLLC can help you recover […]

Recovering Medical Payments Coverage Following North Carolina Car Accident

Automobile insurance policies in North Carolina are required to include several types of coverage, including: third-party liability coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.  An optional coverage available to North Carolina motorists is Medical Payments coverage.  Often referred to as “Med-Pay” coverage, this insurance reimburses you for medical costs resulting from a car accident […]

Recovery Compensation for North Carolina Rear End Car Accident

Car accidents can be caused in any number of ways, but the most common type is the rear-end collision.  Even at relatively low speeds, a rear-end car accident can cause long lasting impact on one’s back, neck, and head.  Importantly, the trailing driver is almost always determined to be the at-fault, negligent party in a […]