Family Law and Divorce Attorney


Alimony is generally given from one spouse to another after the marriage has dissolved. Whereas post-separation support is always temporary, alimony can be for substantial periods of time. Alimony can be divided into several different categories of financial necessity and duration. Both the husband or wife can be awarded alimony from the other. If you are separating from your spouse and believe you are eligible to receive alimony, contact our family law attorneys.

A claim for alimony must be made prior to divorce; otherwise the alimony claim will be lost forever. In order for alimony to be awarded, the spouse requesting alimony must show actual need. It can be awarded when one spouse is unable to maintain the standard of living set forth during the marriage.

Unlike child support, alimony and post-separation support are not determined by worksheets or North Carolina guidelines. As such, these matters require significant levels of skill and expertise. Like post-separation support, alimony takes into account the financial needs of the parties, present income, standard of living, incomes of both parties, debt obligations of both parties, and legal obligations to support dependents and/or other persons.

Getting the amount of alimony you need requires attention to detail and diligence. It may entail the evaluation of complex assets, locating hidden accounts and assets, and interpreting large amounts of financial data.

Whereas post-separation support is based only on financial concerns, to be awarded alimony, a person generally cannot have committed adultery during the marriage. There are some important exceptions to this general rule that can help with your alimony case.