Inaccurate & Incorrect Background Checks

Incorrect background checks can cost someone an opportunity for a new job or even cost them their current job. Consequently, the United States government enacted the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to protect consumers and promote the accuracy of private consumer reports. In the past few years, our firm resolved a case involving an individual […]

Failure to Pay Overtime and the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act

The North Carolina Wage and Hour Act shields employees from abusive employment practices. Among its many protections are provisions relating to overtime pay. In most cases, employers must pay a worker overtime at one and a half (1 ½) times the normal hourly rate for every hour worked beyond the typical forty (40) hour week. […]

Wake County Boating Accident Injury Attorneys

One of the best things about the Raleigh-Durham area is the availability of recreational activities, including boating opportunities.  Anyone who has been to Jordan Lake, Falls Lake, or Harris Lake in the middle of the summer knows that Wake County is home to countless jet skiers, kayakers, speed boaters, fishers, and others.  Unfortunately, not all […]

Raleigh Assault and Battery Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been physically assaulted, you have the right to hold the person assaulting you financially responsible for any harms they have caused. The type of “damages” recoverable in an assault and battery case include compensation for your medical and pharmaceutical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Because […]

Raleigh Hit-and-Run Automobile Accident Injury Attorneys

While being involved in a motor vehicle accidents can be frustrating, being injured by a hit-and-run driver can be infuriating.  These irresponsible drivers negligently cause automobile collisions and seek to evade any personal responsibility by fleeing the scene.  Sometimes they are even successful in getting away without detection. If you can identify the hit-and-run driver, you […]

Raleigh Distracted Driver Negligence Claim Attorneys

By now, most realize that a distracted driver is at least as dangerous as a drunk driver.  Even so, there are many folks who would never think about driving under the influence of alcohol but who still regularly text while driving on the highway.  Here in Raleigh, it’s not all that uncommon to see drivers […]

North Carolina Inadequate Security Lawyers

Although a business does not have to guarantee customer safety, it is legally obligated to take precautions against known dangers.  When it fails to do so resulting in a customer injury, North Carolina law may hold the business liable. These cases wherein a business fails to reasonably protect its customer is an inadequate security claim. […]

North Carolina Underinsured Motorist Claim Attorneys

Most North Carolinians know that after a serious automobile collision, they can initiate a claim against the insurance policy of the at-fault driver.  In some cases, though, the at-fault driver will not have purchased enough insurance coverage to reimburse the injured party for all of his or her medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, […]

Are Computer Employees Entitled to Overtime Wages in North Carolina?

Information technology and computer professionals are increasingly common in our technology-driven society. As North Carolina’s economy becomes more dependent on computer and IT professionals, more employers are taking advantage of various state and federal laws exempting certain computer employees from overtime compensation. Computer Employees Exemption Many computer and information technology employees in North Carolina do […]