Handshake Agreements and Breach of Contracts

two people shaking hands

The old-fashioned handshake began as a means for two people to assure one another that neither was carrying a weapon. Over the years the handshake has evolved into a contractual gesture for different types of agreements. With pages and pages of contracts and barely visible fine print, do handshakes still carry any weight in the […]

Protections in Minority Shareholder Disputes in North Carolina

A common problem in close corporations or small 2-3 member LLCs is what happens if there is a dispute between the shareholders.  A common misconception is that majority ownership allows owners to do whatever they want with “their” company and that everyone else is along for the ride.  It would appear that a minority shareholder […]

Wage Payments to Interns and Externs

Some business law clients have asked recently about wage payments to interns and externs. Unpaid internships are not only valuable to students trying to pad their resumes, but also to business owners requiring help. However, small businesses are still subject to the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act as well as the federal Fair Labor […]

Debt Collection from a Corporation in North Carolina

Debt collection from a corporation can bring different challenges than collecting from an individual. Does the company have assets or is it insolvent? Can a civil law suit be initiated to collect from the owner of the  business rather than the company? In what court should I file this litigation.