$1.3 Million Settlement for Drunk Driving Crash

Attorneys Shawn Howard and Karl Gwaltney obtained a $1.3 million settlement for the family of a Charlotte man killed by a drunk driver. The bulk of the settlement came from the bar that served the drunk driver, who also died in the crash. The victim was transporting his elderly mother from Michigan when the crash […]

Bell Partners et al. $4.75 Million Settlement for Unlawful Eviction Fees

key chain with keys and a small house next to it

In August 2021, a federal court judge in the Middle District of North Carolina approved a class action settlement against Bell Partners, LSREF3 Bravo LLC, and Hudson Capital Weston LLC. Attorneys Ed Maginnis and Karl S. Gwaltney represented the plaintiffs alongside Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman. Our attorneys obtained $4.75 million for tenants who alleged […]

Camden Property Settlement for $5 Million

This week attorneys Ed Maginnis and Karl Gwaltney alongside co-counsel from Whitfield Bryson finalized a $5 million settlement related to eviction fees. The class action against Camden Property Trust alleged the company collected illegal eviction fees from hundreds of tenants. In 2016, Camden filed to evict our client and, in connection with that filing, charged eviction fees totaling nearly $200. […]

Maginnis Howard Obtains Settlement from Seterus Inc.

In December of 2020, Maginnis Howard agreed to the $7 million settlement from Seterus Inc. regarding unlawful debt collection practices. This week, homeowners signed off on the deal. Thousands of homeowners received threatening “final notice” letters from Seterus Inc between September 2012 and February 2019. Collectors, in order to expedite loan repayment, pressured homeowners who […]

$7M+ Settlement For Unlawfully Assessed Eviction Fees

A North Carolina Superior Court Judge approved a settlement of more than $7 million for claims of unlawfully assessed eviction fees. The tenants of Southwood Realty Company, a North Carolina property management company, initiated the class action in 2018. The settlement includes $3,750,000.00 in cash and $3,279,343.55 in debt waivers. The class members contended the […]

$7 Million FDCPA Class Action Settlement

Maginnis Howard attorneys, Edward H. Maginnis, Asa C. Edwards and Karl S. Gwaltney, with co-counsel from Whitfield Bryson LLP attorneys, Scott C. Harris and Patrick M. Wallace, represented a group of homeowners who reached a $7 million settlement with mortgage servicing company, Seterus Inc. Thousands of homeowners received threatening “final notice” letters from Seterus Inc between September 2012 and February 2019. Collectors, in […]

$1.2 Million FDCPA Class Action Bankruptcy Discharge Settlement

In 2019, Ed Maginnis and Karl Gwaltney obtained a $1.2 million settlement for a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) class action. The plaintiff filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy over medical debts which cleared him from liability. More than 400,000 people file for bankruptcy each year, and medical debt is the leading type of claim. […]

Successfully Defended Employee Against Breach of Agreement Claims

In 2020, Karl Gwaltney and Ed Maginnis successfully defended an employee sued for violating a non-compete agreement and non-solicitation agreement. These allegations started when the employee left his employment with a large electrical company to start his own company. The employer initially sued to enforce the terms of the non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and collect […]

Confidential Settlement Against Collection Agency

In 2020, after a judgment was obtained against a consumer, Maginnis Howard was hired to attend to unlawful collection attempts by an out-of-state collection agency. Although there was an outstanding balance alleged to be owed on the judgment, Karl S. Gwaltney was not only able to force the collection agency to waive the debt, but […]