What is a Franchise Agreement?

A franchise agreement is a binding contract between a franchisor and a franchisee. This document outlines in detail the terms of running a franchise business and therefore defines the franchisor/franchisee relationship. Some agreements are quite complex in their wording, and you should consult an attorney before signing one. Within a franchise agreement, the franchisee is […]

Construction Class Actions

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There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with construction related defects. Remedying construction problems are invariably complicated, expensive, and time consuming. When a construction company or subcontractor is negligent or uses defective equipment or products, a construction class action lawsuit may be the best option for fixing the problem. Construction class actions are filed when […]

Shareholder Voting Agreements in North Carolina

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Our firm often deals with lawsuits over old shareholder agreements that were drafted (at great expense) 15+ years ago by some other firm that no longer exists and where issues have arisen that none of the shareholders contemplated when the agreement was first signed. We often tell clients that in our experience of dealing with these […]

North Carolina Business Breach of Contract Attorneys

When one party to a contract breaches the agreement, the results can be devastating for the other party. The results many times include cash flow problems, inability to meet obligations under other contracts, reputation damage, and difficulty paying employees. Even when the consequences are not this dire, it can be extremely frustrating dealing with a […]

Wake County Construction Law Firm

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With construction of new homes on the rise in the areas surrounding Raleigh like Wake Forest, Morrisville, and Apex (as well as surrounding counties like Johnston, Franklin, Granville, Chatham and Lee Counties) along with continued refurbishment to older homes (for example in the ITB section of Raleigh), it is important for North Carolina homeowners to […]

Raleigh Business Litigation Attorneys

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Whether you are the sole member of a small limited liability company or the president of an international corporation, the chances are that you will eventually need the assistance of a seasoned business litigation attorney. The Raleigh business litigation law firm of Maginnis Howard represents dozens of local, national, and international business, including companies involved […]

Raleigh Small Business Civil Litigation Attorney

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The Raleigh civil litigation attorneys of Maginnis Law represent a variety of small to medium size businesses. The law firm’s clients include companies involved in construction, staffing, international trade, automobile repair, telecommunication, food service, land development, entertainment, and technology. To speak with a Maginnis Howard small business attorney regarding legal representation for your company, call […]

Unenforceable Contract Clauses and Other Business Litigation Disputes

Certain clauses in breach of contract matters, particularly in construction agreements, have been found to be per se illegal under North Carolina law. It is important for business owners, general contractors, and individuals entering into agreements with larger national entities who use standard form contracts to be aware of these contracts which violate public policy […]

Bounced Check Remedies in North Carolina

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Business owners, what remedies are available to you if you’ve received a bounced check from another party? North Carolina, like many states, allows you to receive additional damages separate from the actual value of the check. Following the specific requirements, it is possible to obtain funds and damages. Additional damages are paid as part of […]