“Eight Principles” to Fight Robocalls

In January of 2020 alone, Americans received roughly 4.7 million robocalls. That figure represents just one month out of the year, and continues to rise over time. Consumer advocacy groups like the National Consumer Law Center have been urging government leaders for years to address this unprecedented uptick, in hopes of protecting the public. In […]

FDCPA Updated with “Final Rules”

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For decades, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been the consumer’s best defense against aggressive and illegal tactics by debt collectors. The legislation identifies exactly what behaviors are and are not permitted when a company pursues a debt. Until recently, the FDCPA remained unchanged since its inception in 1977. In 2021, the Consumer […]

Is My Bank Charging Illegal Overdraft Fees?

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For consumers, unexpected fees are an aggravating and sometimes damaging part of banking. For financial institutions, they are an important source of revenue. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates banks made over $15 billion in overdraft and non-sufficient fund (NSF) fees in 2019- a number that has only increased in the preceding years. Fortunately, the […]

Do I Need an Unpaid Wages Attorney?

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There are many things to consider when pursuing an employer for wages owed. In this post we discuss the relevant federal and state-level labor laws as they apply to North Carolina employees to help you determine whether you need an unpaid wages attorney to take on your case. Background There are two key pieces of legislation […]

Electronic Fund Transfer Act

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Pre-authorized transactions are a common and convenient way for consumers to stay on top of bills and subscriptions. Services from credit card to entertainment companies offer (and emphasize) auto-billing as insurance that you’ll never miss a payment. But authorizing any institution to automatically withdraw money from a personal account has the potential to cause problems.  […]

Use of European Lumber in North Carolina Construction

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Developers and home builders across the country rely on several varieties of North American lumber in massive quantities to quickly and cheaply build new houses. In recent years, the Triangle region’s rapid economic and population growth has fueled the expansion of housing developments. Many expected the COVID-19 pandemic would stunt business and cause another housing […]

Investigating Equity Experts

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Equity Experts is a Michigan-based collection agency that collects upon outstanding homeowner’s association (HOA) debts across the county. The business, though over 14 years old, has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an “F” grade on the site. This score resulted from numerous unresolved claims of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act […]

Errors on a Background Check

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Background checks are one of many ways employers identify eligible applicants. Especially in large companies, researching every individual who applies is a costly and time-consuming process. In the last decade, dozens of background check companies have popped up across the world. These companies bear a great deal of responsibility, because mistakes on a background check […]

Raleigh Dog Bite Attorneys

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The CDC estimates 4.5 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year, and 800,000 of those injuries are severe enough to warrant a hospital visit. Unlike traffic incidents, animal attacks routinely involve serious disputes over liability. From state to state the laws differ on who is responsible when an attack occurs, even in the […]