Hotel and Motel Liability Wrongful Death Attorneys in North Carolina

Just like any other business, a hotel or motel can be held responsible if its negligence results in the wrongful death of one of its visitors. There are any number of ways that a hotel or motel’s conduct might lead to a wrongful death claim. How to handle hotel and motel liability cases A recent […]

Dog Bite Wrongful Death North Carolina Attorney

Many dog owners are simply not responsible. They do not properly train or restrain their dogs, which can be a menace to the community. In the most tragic of circumstances, these dangerous dogs can get loose and maim and kill human beings. Recently, Maginnis Howard lawyers responded to a case like this. On August 9, […]

Mortgage Loan Modification Confidential Settlement

Our firm recently obtained a confidential settlement for a North Carolina resident who was wrongfully denied a mortgage loan modification. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) once protected a consumer’s rights to these types of modifications.  While HAMP expired in 2016, there remain modifications requirements under state law and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act […]

Collection Calls, Identity Theft Case Settled for $39,500

Recently, our firm recovered $39,500 for a North Carolina woman receiving collection calls about an account taken out in her name. Despite providing some evidence of identity theft, the creditor sent her file to a collection agency. After our client told the collection agency about the identity theft, the collection agency returned the file to […]

$2.9M Settlement for Family in Wrongful Death Suit Against Drunk Driver

Maginnis Howard is a high stakes North Carolina personal injury and wrongful death litigation firm. Our lawyers handle cases involving catastrophic bodily injuries and the deaths of loved family members due to the negligence or intentional acts of third-parties. A recent case provides an example of our diligence in pursuing justice for our clients. Since […]

Child Personal Injuries While Crossing Street to School Bus

North Carolina children should be able to safely cross the street to their school bus, and, most of the time, they can do exactly that. However, even when parents take all the proper precautions, school bus related accidents can sometimes happen. If your child has suffered personal injuries while crossing the street to board the […]

Soft Tissue Cervical and Lumbar Strains and Sprains in North Carolina

The truth is that even many violent automobile collisions do not result in catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles, or brain injuries. The majority of North Carolinians involved in car accidents and 18 wheeler crashes are able to walk away without permanent, life changing injuries. Nevertheless, many less severe injuries can still result […]

Pelvic Fractures Resulting from North Carolina Automobile Collisions

While pelvic fractures are not an overly common result of car accidents and tractor trailer wrecks, they certainly can happen as a result of high impact collisions. Pelvic fractures themselves make up only about 3% of all adult fractures. Though they are not common, they can be very serious. They almost always result from a […]

Torn and Detached Retina Personal Injury Attorneys in North Carolina

High velocity automobile crashes can injure just about any part of the human body and the eyes are no exception. Among the eye injuries that a person can suffer in an accident is a torn or detached retina. These eye injuries can result in significant vision disturbances that can impact nearly every aspect of a […]

Aggravation and Exacerbation of Pre-Existing Condition Injuries under North Carolina Law

Not everyone who is injured in an automobile crash is in perfect health. Nearly everyone among us has some health condition or another. Whether it’s degenerative disc disease or a prior traumatic brain injury, a person’s health history can largely dictate how injured they will become after a violent car or tractor trailer accident. Despite […]