Investigating Duke Energy Refusing Service

While companies often have a series of hoops for consumers to jump through, such as filing a police report, there are also issues where the “identity theft” is created by the corporation. More and more companies are withholding services from consumers based on obligations from family members, relatives, or people you don’t even know that […]

Investigating Loan Denials by Credit Technologies and MeridianLink

Maginnis Howard attorneys are investigating a series of loan denials due to credit reporting agencies providing inaccurate information. Credit Technologies and MerdianLink are at the center of this investigation. Credit Technologies is a consumer reporting agency that combines credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union for resale as a merged credit report to lenders […]

Seterus Class Action Lawsuit

Maginnis Howard has uncovered potential violations of state and federal consumer protection laws by mortgage servicing giant Seterus, Inc. Seterus is a nationwide company that represents Fannie Mae mortgages. Currently, our firm has pending class actions against Seterus in North Carolina, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Kansas, and Missouri. Seterus class action representatives may be […]

Shareholder Voting Agreements in North Carolina

sign pen business document

Our firm often deals with lawsuits over old shareholder agreements that were drafted (at great expense) 15+ years ago by some other firm that no longer exists and where issues have arisen that none of the shareholders contemplated when the agreement was first signed. We often tell clients that in our experience of dealing with these […]

Child Personal Injury Claims Against A Child Care Facility

Recently, a family in Wyoming filed a lawsuit against a school district after their child sustained a traumatic brain injury from a fall of a piece of playground equipment at their local school. Whether it is a school, a day care center, or some other organization responsible for maintaining the safety of your child, the […]

North Carolina Unpaid Commission Lawyer

The United States Department of Labor defines a sales commission as “a sum of money paid to an employee upon completion of a task, usually selling a certain amount of goods or services.” Commission-based pay is typically used to incentivize employees to work harder, sell more, and, or perform better. Usually, people that are working […]

Can a patient sue for unintended retained foreign objects during surgery?

Yes, and unintended retained foreign objects happens more than you think. A sponge, surgical towel, swab, or gauze left in an abdominal cavity. A stint lodged in a urethra. Even drill bits and scissors have been left behind in surgical patients after surgery. According to one statewide study, there were 128 incidents of unintended retained […]

Raleigh-Durham Electric Scooter Accident Attorneys

Even though the diminutive and sleekly designed electric scooter may seem harmless, there have already been 22 scooter accidents in Raleigh since July 2018, when Bird® first deployed its fleet of scooters without any permission or license from the City of Raleigh. See Dangerous or Fun? Wake EMS has responded to 22 e-scooter crashes since […]

I-40 Automobile Crash Lawyers

Interstate 40 in North Carolina can be a dangerous place for drivers. Given the number of heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailers traveling at high rates of speed, deadly crashes on I-40 can happen in an instant. Even what starts as a minor wreck can lead to a more serious one if the other vehicle traveling […]