North Carolina’s Protections Against Receiving 55,000 Student Loan Emails

Imagine receiving 55,000 identical student loan emails, all which have incorrect information. Sounds ridiculous and fake, right? Wrong. That nightmare became an Ohio couple’s reality this past week regarding their daughter’s student loan payments. Consumers are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as in North Carolina, the North Carolina Collection Agency […]

“Resident of the Household” in Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

oxford automobile accident attorneys, picture of a smashed car

The sad truth is that many irresponsible motorists either (a) do not have any automobile insurance coverage, or (b) do not have enough automobile insurance coverage to compensate innocent victims. A victim must often evaluate whether and in what amount he or she has Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage or Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage. While the […]

Product Liability Statute of Limitations in North Carolina

Products liability cases are personal injury claims that arise when someone is injured because of a poorly designed or manufactured product. The product itself may be a medical device, a drug, a tool, a vehicle, a piece of machinery, an electric cigarette, or any other item that is used in everyday life. A statute of […]

North Carolina Degloving Injury Attorneys

Degloving injuries are a severe type of avulsion where a section of skin is torn off the underlying tissue. The blood supply is severed as a result. These injuries almost always result in permanent disfigurement and can also cause nerve and vascular damage. In the vast majority of cases, the degloving affects the extremities and […]

Automobile Finance Companies – Debt Collection and Credit Reporting on Returned Vehicles

Maginnis Law has begun to investigate automobile finance companies who engage in abusive debt collection practices against debtors who return cars immediately after purchase. Our law firm has recently come across several cases where an automobile finance company does not consider a contract cancelled despite being notified of the return of a vehicle by the […]

Dog Bite in North Carolina Apartment Complex

Many apartment complexes allow tenants to keep dogs, including of dangerous breeds such as pit bulls and rottweilers. If a dog attack occurs in a North Carolina apartment complex, the injured party may have a claim both against the owner and keeper of the dog, as well as the apartment complex itself. Our attorneys have […]

Post-Bankruptcy Collection Efforts by Banks and Mortgage Companies

Maginnis Howard continues its investigation into mortgage companies threatening foreclosure proceedings on debtors who have successfully filed for bankruptcy, and whose fresh starts are willfully disregarded by the creditor. Banks or mortgage companies may continue to send statements demanding payment with inaccurate information, report inaccurate information on credit, refuse to file papers with registers of […]

Sexual Abuse and Molestation at Daycare and Childcare Centers

It is a tragic truth that many workers in the child care industry take advantage of their positions of power to molest, sexually abuse and rape innocent children. The North Carolina sex abuse attorneys at Maginnis Law are experienced in handling such claims and can help your family pursue justice against the perpetrator and any […]

Debt Collectors Usage of Form Template Letters with False Threats

Maginnis Howard continues working for clients against unscrupulous debt collection practices in direct violation of debt collection regulation both at the state and federal level. This time, we are proceeding with the investigation and filing of lawsuits against a common intimidation tactic of sending template letters from creditors to debtors when said letters include false threats […]

Help for Small Business Owners Receiving Robocalls on Their Cell Phones

Maginnis Howard investigates telemarketers who utilize automated phone-calls (robocalls) to solicit small business owners with a variety of marketing schemes, in clear violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Robocallers are aware of TCPA laws regarding personal cell phones but sometimes think of business lines as fair game for harassment. Data miners who “scrape” […]