Bank of America Agrees to Settle Class Action

class action settlement impacts not only the interests of the parties that negotiate the settlement, but also a much larger number of absent class members. It is very important that the named parties take the steps to make sure the court approves a fair settlement.

Unwarranted Overdraft Fees

Bank of America Corp has agreed to pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of extracting overdraft fees from customers with savings and checking accounts.

Bank of America, like many other banking institutions, charges a $35 fee for insufficient funds or overdrafts. However, the plaintiffs involved in the class action claimed that Bank of America charged the fee each time the bank would ‘retry’ processing a payment, resulting in multiple fees on a single transaction.

According to the terms of the proposed settlement, Bank of America denied any wrongdoing, but agreed it would not charge the $35 fee multiple times on retry payments for at least five years. As a result, this will save customers $318 million, which breaks down to around $5.3 million a month.

Repeated overdrafts can result in account closures and leave some lower-income customers without access to banking services. Banks have faced many lawsuits over the years claiming they sought to illegally maximize overdraft fees.

Consumer Protection Attorneys

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