Rise in CMV Involved Fatalities in 2020

Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) are very common on North Carolina’s busy roadways. These vehicles are very easy to spot and most drivers will see multiple per day while on North Carolina’s roads.

What Defines a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

A commercial motor vehicle or CMV is any vehicle used to transport goods or passengers for the profit of an individual or business. Some common examples of CMVs include tractor-trailers, work vans and box trucks.

Bigger CMVs, like tractor-trailers and box trucks can have a harder time stopping and have bigger blind spots. This can lead to severe collisions when a CMV is involved.

North Carolina CMV Collision Statistics

In 2020, there were 13,795 Commercial Motor Vehicle involved automobile collisions in the state of North Carolina. Of the 13,795 collisions, there were 3,537 injuries and 168 total fatalities. In Wake County alone there were 1,352 CMV involved collisions, and 7 fatalities.

The number of CMV involved collisions were down from 14,091 in 2019, but the number of fatalities was up from 137 in 2019 to 168 in 2020. In fact, 2020 had the highest rate of CMV involved fatalities since 2008, which was twelve (12) years ago.

Failure to reduce speed, inattention, improper lane change and improper turning were the leading causes of CMV related collisions in North Carolina for 2020.

Automobile Collision Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of the driver of a CMV, you deserve to have an experienced attorney in your corner.

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