What Are the Dangers of Speeding?

Speeding remains one of the most common causes of severe and fatal automobile collisions in North Carolina. Even drunk driving and distracted driving collisions also tend to involve elements of speeding.

Drivers who are negligent in ignoring marked speed limit signs not only put themselves in danger, but others as well.

The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding is dangerous and can put drivers, passengers and pedestrians all at danger. These dangers can include:

  • Increased occurrence of rollovers, especially for bigger vehicles (SUVs, trucks & vans).
  • Greater potential for a loss of control and steering while speeding.
  • Higher degree of crash severity if a collision does occur.
  • Longer stopping distance, meaning that it’ll take longer for the car to stop as it is traveling a high speed.

An average vehicle traveling at 30 mph needs about 110 feet to come to a complete stop. Where a car moving at 60 mph will need over 300 feet to stop. This can lead to a dangerous situation if the driver is speeding in traffic or in a pedestrian filled area.

Speeding Statistics for 2020:

Below are some various statistics from 2020, which show the seriousness of speeding:

  • The Washington Post reported that in some of the most congested areas of the country, average speeds increased by as much as 250 percent. With roads being clear of traffic, people seem to think they can drive as fast as they want.
  • Roughly 20% of automobile collisions in North Carolina were a direct cause of speeding (NHTSA).
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said that speeding remained the number one driver-related factor in fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses in 2020.

For more than two decades, speeding has been a significant factor in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. Speeding is dangerous and very negligent behavior behind the wheel of an automobile. It can impact not only the driver speeding, but other drivers and pedestrians as well.

North Carolina Automobile Collision Attorneys

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