Industrial Plant Accident – $599,500.00

In 2015, Edward Maginnis and Shawn Howard, representing the Estate of a father of three, reached a mediated settlement agreement for $599,500.00.  The case involved an electrician who was knocked from an elevated scissor lift by an overhead crane inside a manufacturing facility.  The Defendants , the owner and manager of the manufacturing facility, did not make a single settlement offer for over 3 years, claiming that the incident was solely the client’s own fault.  The Defendants claimed the client had negligently placed his scissor lift in the path of the crane. The client’s own employer, not a Defendant, also claimed that the incident was the client’s fault.   However, through extensive litigation, our attorneys showed that the crane operator was forced to operate his crane with blind spots, including the location where the client’s scissor lift was located, and that this contributed to and caused the incident.