Maginnis Howard Attorneys Assist Client in Receiving Inheritance

Maginnis Howard attorneys, Anthony Klish and Jordan Godwin assisted their clients in receiving their rightful inheritance of their deceased parents’ estate.

Prior to the clients’ father’s death, a third party erroneously and illegally transferred the bulk of the father’s assets to that third party. The Maginnis Howard attorneys filed a lawsuit and lis pendens in Superior Court, stopping the third party from selling these assets.

Anthony and Jordan then convinced a Judge to place the $450,000.00 worth of assets into the clients’ father’s estate, therefore ensuring that the Clients received their significant portion of their parent’s estate. Had it not been for these filings, the estate would have gone to the third party and the inheritance would have been taken, contrary to the final wishes of the clients’ father.

Additionally, by setting aside what the bad actor did, the Maginnis Howard attorneys saved their clients from tens-of-thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes.