Maginnis Howard Attorneys Assist Client in Receiving Inheritance

overhead view of two people signing an agreement

Maginnis Howard attorneys, Anthony Klish and Jordan Godwin assisted their clients in receiving their rightful inheritance of their deceased parents’ estate. Prior to the clients’ father’s death, a third party erroneously and illegally transferred the bulk of the father’s assets to that third party. The Maginnis Howard attorneys filed a lawsuit and lis pendens in […]

Industrial Plant Accident – $599,500.00

In 2015, Edward Maginnis and Shawn Howard, representing the Estate of a father of three, reached a mediated settlement agreement for $599,500.00.  The case involved an electrician who was knocked from an elevated scissor lift by an overhead crane inside a manufacturing facility.  The Defendants , the owner and manager of the manufacturing facility, did not make […]

$300,000 Limits of Litigation Settlement

Maginnis Howard attorney Shawn Howard has helped a Hoke County family recover the $300,000 limits of available homeowner’s insurance for a young boy who was attacked by a pit bull. The child sustained facial injuries and lost part of his ear as a result of the vicious attack.

Automobile Accident – $250,000.00 Settlement

In 2013, Shawn Howard represented a motorist who sustained serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision.  The recovery represented our client’s portion of the available $300,000.00 of insurance coverage, with the remainder of the coverage being paid to other injured motorists.

$250,000 Recovered for Durham County Client

In 2020, Maginnis Howard attorneys Shawn Howard and Karl Gwaltney recovered the maximum available insurance coverage of $250,000 for a Durham County man who was struck head-on by a drunk driver. The firm not only recovered the $150,000 of bodily injury coverage but was also able to show that the $100,000 of property damage covered […]