Insurance Fraud Class Actions

Class actions for insurance fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and breach of contract are on the rise. Most large insurance companies maintain standardized policies and procedures so that each person is treated similarly to another person in the same circumstances. That means that if one person has been overcharged for insurance, denied coverage, or otherwise defrauded or misled by an insurance company, it has likely happened to hundreds or thousands of other people.

Although they claim that their interest is in protecting you, their true concern is their bottom line. These insurance companies have been found to consistently violate the rights of both businesses and individuals. If you suspect you have been defrauded, please contact us for a free case evaluation.

Common Violations

  • Unrefunded premiums – If you have paid off a vehicle, boat, ATV, RV, or motorcycle early, your insurance company may be obligated to refund credit insurance premiums that were prepaid when the original loan was obtained. Insurance companies may be unlawfully keeping tens of millions of dollars of unearned premiums that should be paid back to the loan holder.
  • Insurance premium overcharging – Insurance billing practices have resulted in people being charged, and paid premiums higher than what is identified in their insurance policy. This practice is particularly problematic with life insurance policies. Make sure to confirm that your billing statements match the amounts identified in your insurance policy.
  • Reduced compensation for totaled vehicles – Insurance companies have been accused of purposefully refunding less than the actual value of vehicles that were totaled by policyholders. When this is done purposefully and systematically, it can result in millions of dollars in money that should be put in the pockets of policyholders.
  • Improper denials – Your insurance company has an obligation to pay for legitimate benefits when they are claimed. Insurance companies increase profits by denying legitimate claims for insurance benefits, whether related to automobile insurance, homeowners, health, life, disability, or medical coverage.

Representation for Insurance Fraud

When insurance companies violate the legal duties owed to their policyholders, the attorneys at Maginnis Law, PLLC intend to hold them accountable. When they violate the law, insurance companies can be required to pay all benefits owed, along with court costs and attorneys’ fees. In certain circumstances, punitive damages can also be awarded.

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