Construction Class Actions

construction site with two men standing

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with construction related defects. Remedying construction problems are invariably complicated, expensive, and time consuming. When a construction company or subcontractor is negligent or uses defective equipment or products, a construction class action lawsuit may be the best option for fixing the problem. Construction class actions are filed when a large group of people or businesses experience a problem due to another’s negligence. Class action claims can arise for any number of reasons, including for shoddy construction, use of inferior construction materials, or failure to follow best construction practices.

Common Construction Defects

Our firm is currently investigating a number of construction projects, including against general contractors and subcontractors for a variety of construction related defects. In addition to defects in products, there are negligent building techniques that have resulted in property damage or personal injuries. The following are examples of issues investigated by our firm.

  • Defective windows – Causing moisture intrusion that can lead to premature wood rot or other problems. Other window related defects are for problems with the leaking of inert gases that reduce the advertised thermal ratings and efficiency.
  • Substandard decking – Leads to rotting, pitting, or molding.
  • Flooring – Releases dangerous levels of formaldehyde or that fails prior to the advertised lifespan.
  • Shingles – defects causing cracking, curling, and premature deterioration that can result in water intrusion or other property damage.
  • Siding – swells or delaminates prematurely requiring expensive repairs or replacement
  • Plumbing – including PEX piping, that fails long before they should, causing property damage and mold growth.
  • Stucco – improperly installed or defective that prematurely cracks, allowing moisture to seep in and damage the housing structure.
  • Structural components – including improperly installed roof, foundation basement, walls, ceilings or floors of a residential or commercial property.
  • Soil movement – caused inadequate grading or compaction that causes cracked foundation, unlevel housing, separations of drywall and stucco, cracking of concrete, or other issues.
  • Electrical problems – causing unsafe living conditions, including risks of fire.

Representation for Construction Class Actions

When the construction related problem is widespread and affects a lot of people or businesses, a class action lawsuit may be the best method for addressing the defects on behalf of everyone involved. Construction defect claims can be complicated and expensive, requiring the expertise of a construction class action attorney.

If you have questions about any construction related issue affecting a group of people, please contact us for a confidential and free case evaluation. Contact our firm by calling us at 919.526.0450, by email at, or through our contact page.