Auto Insurers Announce Measures to Help Customers During COVID-19

Two major auto insurers, Allstate and American Family Insurance, have announced they will give back around $800 million to their customers. This is due to people driving less during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allstate said will refund 15% of premiums customers paid in April and May. They are calling this the “Shelter-in-Place Payback”. These payments will go to all United States and Canadian customers who have personal auto insurance. Allstate will pay out around $600 million.

American Family Insurance said it will give back around $50 per car that a household has insured. This will be a one-time payment. American Family Insurance will pay out around $200 million.

Both companies have instructed their customers who are having financial difficulties during the pandemic can delay payments, but they must contact the companies in order to do so.

The insurers are also expanding their insurance coverage for customers delivering food, medicine and other goods.

So far, these two are the only major auto insurance companies to announce protective measures. Our firm will continue to monitor and update if there are others.

Maginnis Law’s consumer protection attorneys are continuing to investigate and make sure these insurance companies are following through on protecting their customers during this worldwide pandemic.

If you or someone you know ends up being impacted by your auto insurance provider not following through on their pre-announced procedures during COVID-19, Maginnis Law is here to help you.

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