Health Insurance Companies Claim to Protect Customers During Pandemic

Health insurance companies have announced different ways that they are planning to help their customers during this COVID-19 pandemic. These health insurance companies include Cigna, CVS Health, UnitedHealthGroup and BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina.

Cigna has announced that they will waive all copays associated with COVID-19 testing. They also will cover customers’ out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 testing-related visits.

CVS Health has also announced that they will be waiving copays related to COVID-19. UnitedHealthGroup is waiving copays, coinsurance and deductibles for COVID-19.

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (along with other states), announced that they will cover members’ cost for COVID-19 testing and will not require prior approval for testing. They are waiving early medication refill limits and expanding virtual access to doctors. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina also announced that it will cover virtual doctor visits, including those done by phone.

The BlueCross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program will waive any copays or deductibles for medically necessary diagnostic tests or treatment if a member is diagnosed with COVID-19. It will eliminate cost sharing for tests and treatments as well.

Optima Health will waive out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic testing for COVID-19. They will also offer telehealth visits free to members for the next 90 days for in-network virtual care partners.

These are among the few health insurance companies that have announced that they will be helping their customers in some way during the COVID-19 pandemic. More are sure to follow in the coming days/weeks/months.

Our firm is continuing to investigate and will hold these health insurance companies liable for staying true to protect their customers who are suffering through this pandemic. If you or someone you know ends up being impacted by your health insurance provider not following through on their pre-announced procedures during COVID-19, Maginnis Law is here to help and represent you.

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