Airlines Waive Fees During Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 and the impact it will have on consumers financially, multiple businesses, banks and major corporations have announced measures to help those impacted the most. Among those laying out plans to help their customers are major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines.

American Airlines announced that they are waiving change fees for customers who purchased tickets prior to March 1st for travel through April 30th. The airline also announced that it is canceling flights to mainland China, Hong Kong and Italy, and many of the flights won’t resume until late October.

Delta Airlines announced that they will be waiving travel fees for both international and domestic travelers through April 30th for anyone who purchased a ticket on or before March 9th. They also announced that they are unveiling a new cleaning technique to clean and sanitize their cabin spaces.

United Airlines announced that they will not be charging any fees to reschedule travel for customers who purchased tickets between March 10th and April 30th.

Frontier Airlines announced that they will allow flights that were booked before March 10th to be changed for no additional fees. For those changed flights, travel must be completed by November 9th.

JetBlue announced that they will be waiving cancellation and change fees for all flights that were purchased on or before March 10th. Customers may rebook their flights for travel through October 24th and are valid for one year. This is the longest window of any US airline.

Spirit Airlines has announced that there will be no cancellation of change fee for any customers. There is a six-month window to rebook your flight, if you chose to do so.

Our firm will be investigating to make sure that these major airlines stick true to their promises to protect their customers. If you or someone you know ends up being impacted by a major airline company not following through on their procedures during COVID-19, Maginnis Law is here to help you.

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