Can a patient sue for unintended retained foreign objects during surgery?

Yes, and unintended retained foreign objects happens more than you think. A sponge, surgical towel, swab, or gauze left in an abdominal cavity. A stint lodged in a urethra. Even drill bits and scissors have been left behind in surgical patients after surgery. According to one statewide study, there were 128 incidents of unintended retained […]

Raleigh-Durham Electric Scooter Accident Attorneys

Even though the diminutive and sleekly designed electric scooter may seem harmless, there have already been 22 scooter accidents in Raleigh since July 2018, when Bird® first deployed its fleet of scooters without any permission or license from the City of Raleigh. See Dangerous or Fun? Wake EMS has responded to 22 e-scooter crashes since […]