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Many people assume that back injuries lead to the highest average orthopedic medical bills following an automobile or workplace accident.  Statistically, shoulder injuries actually tend to cause even higher medical expenses.  If you have experienced a serious shoulder injury, including a torn rotator cuff, you are entitled to fair compensation for temporary and/or permanent disability, whether or not health insurance or a workers’ comp insurer is paying for your medical bills.  To discuss your rotator cuff claim with a knowledgeable Raleigh accident attorney, contact Maginnis Law at 919.480.8526 or send a confidential email inquiry using our firm’s contact page.

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that help ensure that your arms stay into your shoulder sockets and that they have a wide range of motion.  The four tendons of the rotator cuff are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.  Injury to the rotator cuff can make it impossible to perform many basic tasks.  Signs that you may have experienced a rotator cuff tear include limited range of motion, pain radiating down the arm, severe pain to the shoulder, and swelling.

The supraspinatus tendon is closest to the top of the shoulder and most rotator cuff tears involve injury to this tendon.  Rear-end accidents where the injured driver braces for impact appear to be the most likely to cause rotator cuff tears involving the supraspinatus tendon. How your rotator cuff will be treated by your physicians and surgeon depends upon the severity, including whether it is a “full thickness” tear or “partial thickness” tear.  More serious tears may require injections, physical therapy, and/or surgery.  There are three different types of surgery: arthroscopic surgery, mini-open repair, and open repair.  Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery is the least invasive and typically causes the least pain after the surgery.  Rotator cuff surgeries typically involve debridement (removing loose fragments), subacrominial smoothing (shaving the bone impinging on the supraspinatus tendon), and sewing the edges of the supraspinatus tendon to each other and the humerus.

The personal injury attorneys of Maginnis Law offer free consults to all potential clients with serious shoulder injuries, even those denied by the insurance company.  You should know that many insurance adjusters will falsely represent that rotator cuff tears are only “chronic,” and cannot be caused by trauma, such as an auto accident or workplace injury.  This is simply incorrect.

During your free consult, you will meet with our lawyers, Edward Maginnis and Shawn Howard, rather than paralegals or “case managers,” and because all injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, you do not pay any attorneys’ fees until we recover on your behalf.  To discuss your shoulder injury claim or to set up a free consultation, call injury attorney Shawn Howard at 919.480.8526.  You can also send a confidential email inquiry regarding the facts of your case by using our contact page.  Our firm regularly represents accident injury clients throughout eastern North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Greeneville, Sanford, and Wilson.