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Raleigh-based lawyers representing clients in consumer class actions, personal injury, business litigation, and employment law/wage disputes. If you feel like you need committed, reliable trial lawyers to assist you with your case, we may be what you are looking for.

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We do not deal with traffic tickets, or handle real estate closings. We advocate for our clients’ rights in the Courtrooms of North Carolina and, for class actions, all over the country. Whether it’s suing an insurance company that has wrongfully denied responsibility for a serious injury, protecting individuals from systematic failures by large corporations, fighting for the rights of an employee that has been denied wages or commissions, protecting individuals from unlawful actions by creditors,  or assisting North Carolina businesses, we’ll help guide you through the uncertainties and complexities of civil litigation.

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Background checks are one of many ways employers identify eligible applicants. Especially in large companies, researching every individual who applies is a costly and time-consuming